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The ten commandments of emotional branding

  1. Consumers → People (by creating desire, instead of “attacking” customers).
  2. Product → Experience (products fulfill needs, while experiences fulfill desires, and buying just for need is driven by price).
  3. Honesty → Trust (honesty is expected, while trust needs to be earned).
  4. Quality → Preference (quality is expected from all, but only one is preferred).
  5. Notoriety → Aspiration (being known does not mean you areloved).
  6. Identity → Personality (identity is to be recognized, personality is about character and charisma).
  7. Function → Feel (functionality is about practical qualities, while sensorialdesign is about experiences).
  8. Ubiquity → Presence (ubiquity is seen, while emotional presence is felt).
  9. Communication → Dialogue (communication is telling, dialogue is sharing).
  10. Service → Relationship (service is only selling, relationship is acknowledgment).

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